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This piece follows the equation
sin(x) cos(y) + sin(y)cos(z) + sin(z)cos(x) = 0
clipped by a 42inch sphere.

It was commissioned by Tom Rodgers for the 2012
Gathering for Gardner 10.

The Gyroid is a minimal surface wihch is demonstrated here by soap film on wire frames.

This is a pin jig which was our way to get the piece from the digital model into physical reality.

The sculpture is composed of 42 pieces which all follow the same contour.

Gathering Participants got busy assembling the Gyroid. I tried to stay out of the way as much as possible,
but I did have to help occasionally with interpretation of my somewhat squirrley numbering system.

to highlight the two surfaced nature of the gyroid, we applied black tinted lacquer (Permalac) over the mill scale to one surface and rust on the other (it is just getting started here)
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